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Suboxone’s primary ingredient - buprenorphine, in all  its forms, is rivaling methadone in the treatment of opiate addiction for good reason - it works well.  The success rate of recovery geared therapy aided by Suboxone has been reported to be as high as 88% after six months!  








Painfree Detox Details

This is a link to a CBS news spot about Suboxone.  It has some good graphics and a testimonial.  Several caveats: the link states that any Family Doctor can prescribe it, and it makes it sound like it is still being studied and not available. Neither of these is true.  You can get it from your doctor if he or she has a special license and it has been available for about five years. I am sure that there are special studies still going on, but its effectiveness has already been proven. Makes you wonder about our “major” news sources and their accuracy!

Painfree Detox Outpatient Protocol:

(What to expect)


You will meet Dr. Lynch at his office the first 3 days and then follow-ups are biweekly for therapy and refills. Therapy is a necessary component of the recovery process and Dr. Lynch will not prescribe Suboxone alone.


 - Initial Meeting: a 1 hour interview  to determine whether the patient is

   a good candidate for Suboxone aided recovery.

 - Second day: After having abstained from opiate use for 24 hours, the

    patient will take Suboxone while being monitored for 2 hours by Dr. Lynch.

 - Third day: Should the patient react favourably to the Suboxone,  

    Dr. Lynch will prescribe a 15 day supply.

 - Biweekly Therapy and refills follow.


It is realistic for the patient to expect continuing the therapy/Suboxone regimen for at least 6 months.


Financial Costs: Dr. Lynch is not currently accepting insurance, but will provide a receipt that you may submit to your carrier for reimbursement. Most prescription drug plans will cover the cost of the prescription.

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