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Affects & Script Theory - Silvian S. Tomkins, The Basis for our Emotional Life

Affect & Script Theory
         Silvan S. Tomkins
   The Basis for Our Emotional LifeAffect & Script Theory
         Silvan S. Tomkins
   The Basis for Our Emotional Life AsssSilvian S Tomkins
Silvian S. TomkinsA resource page for the life and work of Silvan S. Tomkins.

Silvan Tomkins is often said to be the "American Einstein", yet his work is little known.

His major work is entitled AFFECT IMAGERY CONSCIOUSNESS, a four volume set that was written over nearly forty years, the last volume near his death. Tomkins died in 1991. 

Many of us who have come to know and love his work and ideas see in that work organizing principles for what it means to be human and thus what it means to be healthy and clues as to how to get there.


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