Brian Lynch M.D. Biography

Biography - Curriculum Vitae


“Maximizing Emotional Connections”, “Shame in the Movies and the Media” at the Silvan Tomkins Institute, Dallas, TX Oct 2010




Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies


Oslo, Norway,

11th Annual Meeting of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies

as part of the Wergeland Year for Human Dignity

 Brian Lynch




New York, Columbia University, Teachers College,

525 West 120th Street


- Invited participant - Roundtables. 



2007 Workshop on Humiliation and Violent Conflict

Representing the Eighth Annual Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Meeting

 “A Case of Inadvertent Humiliation”

12/13-4/ 07


 Hangzhou, China,. Human Dignity

and Cultural Studies, New Campus of Zhejiang University,  and Humiliation Studies 

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies:



New York, Columbia University, Teachers College, 525 West 120th Street Invited participant - Roundtables. 12/14-15/06

2006 Workshop on Humiliation and Violent Conflict representing the Eighth Annual HumanDHS Meeting

Brian Lynch + Silvan Tomkins' Conceptualization of Humiliation (2006) 


New York, New York


·         A Great Books Seminar

             New York Seminar and Convention Center

Reading: "The quest for primary motives: Biography and autobiography of an idea", Silvan  S. Tomkins.

              Five poems by Edgar Lee Masters form a Spoon River Anthology.

              "Don't Look Back", D.A. D.A. Pennebaker, Director. Clip.





Berkley, Ca.


·         The Wright Institute --- Clinical Psychology Graduate School-Berkeley, California. 


               “Introduction to Affect Psychology” 2 hr. presentation to student body


Fort Worth, Tx,




10th gathering of the Silvan S. Tomkins Organization



12/16/10     “Shame In The Movies and the Media”


                  “On Doctoring, Dr. Welby Where Are You?”


Minneapolis, MN.


·         Restorative Practices Conference


8/02      “Basic Affect Theory Presentation”


Mexico City, Mex

XXIV C.I.C.A. International Colloquium on the Brain and Aggression:

9/6-8 /07 

A quarter of a century since the starting of the Seville Statement on Violence: A bioethic dimension National Autonomous University of Mexico

Brian Lynch - Abstract accepted for poster: A Unifying Theory of Violence 

Presentation of poster.

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies:


Workshop on "Collaborative Learning Environment Characterized by Mutual Respect" at the Department of Applied Psychology, Xixi Campus of Zhejiang University, 148, Tianmushan Rd., West Building 5th, Hangzhou, room 204, Hangzhou, China,

Brian Lynch + "Interest": The basis for Honor, Dignity and Appreciation -- Presenter 


Philadelphia, Pa.




Chicago, Ill area


·         Veleo Spa, J.W. Marriot  


9/10/14   “Managing Stress in the Work Place”

 9/3/14    “Managing Stress in the Work Place”


·         Widower’s group Holy Family Catholic Church, 2515, Palatine Road, Inverness, IL.


8/21/14 “Managing Grief”


·         DeVry University, Tinley Park, Illinois


11/10  "Getting Out Of Our Own Way"


·         St. Mary's Catholic Church, Huntley 

              New Beginnings


9/10  "Getting Out Of Our Own Way"


·         St. Raphael Church in Naperville


4/10  “Don't Look Back: Look At The Face: Introduction a new beginning in                 understanding your emotions”.


·         Hines V.A. Nurses Week , Maywood, Illinois


5/11/09 “Employer-Employee Relations”


·         St. Raphael Catholic Church, Naperville, IL


10 / 16 / 2007  "Caring for the Divorced, Separated and Widowed:"


·         St. John's College Alumni Seminar, Chicago:


4/01   Great Books Seminar based on a reading of Silvan S. Tomkins works

5/02  Great Books Seminar based on reading Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Master.


·         Chicago Medical Society:


 3/99  Corporate presentation to staff applying Affect Theory to the work environment. 


·         Chicago Clinical Ethics Programs:


 8/99  Formal presentation as a break out session of the yearly meeting of the Chicago       Clinical Ethics programs.


·         Loyola School of Medicine:


4/99 Day long senior medical student workshop applying Affect Theory to medical ethics and Death and Dying in particular. 


·         Kiwanis Club Countryside Ill


6/06 “Problem Solving Through Knowing Affect”


·         Rotary Club Hinsdale-Oakbrook 


06/06“Problem Solving Through Knowing Affect”


·         Mount Sinai Family Practice Residency


09/99   Applying Affect Theory to The Doctor-Patient Relationship.

Introductory lecture to new Mount Sinai Family Medicine Residents


·         'Open ‘AA Meeting. Chicago


09/99   “Affect Theory In Substance Abuse”

·         Thorek Hospital Chicago:


 10/99   Nursing in service

  10/00   Nursing - Staff in service for drug detox


·         Unitarian Church Chicago -57TH and Woodlawn Chicago


9/10/00 “Introduction to Affect Theory”



·         Chicago Board Of Education:


1/02. “Affect Theory as a general approach to problem-solving

Support services administrators the Chicago Board of Education.

.Chicago, Ill




Guadalajara, Mexico


·       Juntos Contra El Dolor, A.C. Hospice


12/09/17 “Death and Dying: Managing pain”

                2-hour presentation to physicians and staff.


·         Drug Rehabilitation Center


6/08/17   “What is Behind Addiction? Emotions?

               3-hour presentation to inpatients

12/09/16 “Loneliness at the Root of Addiction”

               3-hour presentation to inpatients

5/8/16    “What is Behind Addictions? Emotions?”

               3-hour presentation to inpatients

12/12/15 “Why We Do What We Do?”

               2-hour presentation to inpatients


              1-hour presentation to inpatients

12/15/14 “Loneliness at the Root of Addiction”


·         Residential Group Rehab Home.


5/16/08 “A Case of Inadvertent Humiliation”

"Don't Look Back", D.A. D.A. Pennebaker, Director. Clip.

·         Comunidad: Hacenda de la Esperanza


 5/19/08  “Don’t Look Back: Look at the Face


9/00 “Affect Theory and Social Justice"


·         Marriage Support Group-Private


9/00  “Affect Theory as a method to solve intermarital problems.”


·         'Open' AA Meeting


11/01 “Affect Theory as an approach to drug and alcohol addiction”


·         Centro Educativo Freire

Educacion Integral con Calidad Humana

School assembly


11/03 "What Is Happiness?"


·         Nuestra Sra. de Guadalupe Parish


11/04  “What Is "Interest?"

                Youth Group




11/04 "Plato: The Meno: The discovery of Shame"





The Silvan S. Tomkins Institute

·  Ucomfortably Stuck: Therapeutic Impasse and Unexplored Affect

Brian F. Lynch, MD

Iatrogenic Impasse: The Bane of Contemporary Health Care (W) The medical model, based as it is on signs and symptoms that can be validated or explained in the laboratory, tends to ignore and marginalize information made salient by affect. Substantial improvement in health care delivery might be realized were affect psychology integrated into all health care delivery systems

Medical Students:

I have precepted three medical students in the theory showing them how it can be applied with great effect to the doctor-patient relationship. 



 4000 hours directly applying principles of AT to group therapy situations. 


The School to Prison Pipeline: Is it a Human Rights Violation?


 Roundtable Dialogue Northwestern University School of Law

 375 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611-3069



A Collective Voice for Dignity in Schools

6/ 5-6/09

 Northwestern University School of Law

375 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611-3069





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