How much are you spending on drugs

It is something to point out that through my work in this area I have rarely heard anyone refer to how much they are spending on street drugs. When I point out how much it actually is it is often the case that the person is surprised.

Some examples.

  • Any form of hydrocodone can go for 5-10 dollars a pill. If you would take just one a day that is 150 to 300 dollars a month.
  • An average dose for someone addicted might be 10 pills a day which now puts the price at 1500 to 3000 a month or 15,000 to over 30 thousand a year. And the reader will know that many people take 20,40, 50 pills a day.

Oxycodone is more expensive.

  • Herion at a 40 dollar a day habit is 15,000 a year and a 100 dollar a day habit is 36,000 a year.

Does this help make your decision?

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