Drug Rehab Centers


Rehab centers take on many forms. One basic distinction is whether it is outpatient or inpatient or mixed.

It is my philosophy that if at all possible, the patient should stay in the community.

This is despite the fact that many people and many in the situation of addiction, find themselves isolated. We hope to provide a therapeutic home and provide some solace from that isolation yet keep the patient in the community as the community is inescapable. One way or the other we have to return to the community.

Services that will be provided:

Initial detox :  This will consist of three sessions with the doctor.

Subsequent therapy: You will meet once a month with the doctor for a fifty-minute session.

The physician will be available for email and phone consolation on an ad hoc basis.

The cost of periodic drug testing will be covered.

The above will be ongoing.

There will be a onetime 50 dollar book credit for Amazon eBooks related to the material covered in the sessions

As needed sessions with a dietitian is provided.

Help with billing will be provided, on a monthly basis, for your personal submission to insurance companies.


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