Painless Detox

With over twenty years’ of experience in opiate treatment I know that one of the major obstacles to coming into treatment is the fear of not being able to get through the withdrawals. For almost all people this should be a thing of the past.

For over ten years there has been a drug called buprenorphine that essentially offers a pain free detox.

This is not completely true as before you take the drug you have to be opiate free for 24 hours. This translates into less than 24 hours of discomfort as one does not go immediately into withdrawal.

This is one point. Another is that you can be given several medications in order to keep you at least somewhat comfortable until you come in.

The bottom line is you no longer have to face several days or weeks of misery.

This is a great psychological advance as well as it sends a message that recovery does not have to involve punishment by others or self. We strive to be non-judgmental and non-punitive in our approach.

We focus on the proper medication physical fitness and mental fitness.


Ref: The role of physical activity in recovery:


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