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  • To promote the understanding, development and application of the work of Silvan S. Tomkins.
  • The work as a whole is now referred to as “Affect Psychology.”
  • It is comprehensive in its scope and, daily, is becoming more recognized.
  • This is not only a group for professionals but for anyone that has interest in the human being and spirt.
  • Welcome Brian Lynch
I want to welcome all the new members. I hope you're excited about this adventure.
And I want to say a few things that others on the list already know and that is we are entering Our 32nd month here and we have probably over 1000 posts.
If you don't know groups they act a bit differently than your private website or Facebook page.
For one you can find things and review them on a group page as on your page things go by in a few minutes never to be seen again.
There is a search function you can find in the upper right corner under the banner of pictures of members.
If you go back, as far back as you desire, it is easy to bring the post up to the front which again is not possible on your Facebook page.
You bring a post to the front, or the first position, by making a comment on the post.
I want to emphasize that and as much as I have no control over anyone that is no one can make anyone post anything. That said I did not make this page simply for me to post things.
I made the page with the hopes of generating discussion and that means not only with between me and you but among yourselves. I would like to hear some independent conversation.
This is about affect psychology, the psychology developed by Silvan Thomkins known as a “complete human being theory.”
I hope many of you are involved in some ongoing study of the material. The more you study the more fascinated you will be.
There are only a few extant works that deal specifically with Affect Psychology although it is coming to be used more and more in indirect and direct ways.
If you are a beginner I would suggest my webpage or my book “Knowing Your Emotions” or the pamphlet “Doing Thinking and Feeling – In The World.”
The only other really basic text is Paul Hollinger's “What Babies Say Before They Can Talk.” It is aimed at expectant mothers but much good material and a good introduction to the psychology.
Vick Kelly has several books out mostly they deal with couple’s therapy.
And then after you get a footing, a handle, on things, after getting your bearing you can read Don Nathanson's “Shame and Pride, Affect, Sex, and The Birth of The Self.” It is truly a great book but maybe a bit advanced for some.
Finally, there are the works of Silvan himself.
I welcome any personal contact by members and myself via email or Facebook.
Thank you for joining and please recruit other members that you think would be seriously interested in this work.
Again, I emphasize I consider myself only a student and hope to commiserate with other students.

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