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Dr. Brian Lynch, M.D.
C h I c a g o   S u b o x o n e   C l I n I c

Brian Lynch, M.D. is residency trained in Family Practice and has worked in an urban environment throughout his career. He has worked in emergency medicine, industrial medicine, sports medicine and done group and individual therapy. He has always seen Psychiatry as an integral part


of the generalist job and after coming upon the work of Silvan Tomkins. Dr. Lynch has dedicated the bulk of his time to psychotherapy mostly in relation to substance abuse. He has written a number of essays and papers applying Affect Psychology to various themes including Medical Ethics, in which he has been involved in since early in his career. He is presently republishing his first book under the new title "Knowing Your Emotions." He has a solo practice in Chicago and is adjunct clinical professor at the University of Illinois.


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